London Web Developer Apprenticeship

Recruiting SOON

We recruit people based on their aptitude and enthusiasm for web development.

Then we run them through a stringent selection process and training before interview.
All of this at no cost and with no commitment required.

Every person who passes through our selection process has what it takes to become an asset to your team and deliver value within weeks.


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'Speed Dating'

Feb 2019
E1, London

The event set out in a ‘speed dating’ format will play host to local businesses struggling to recruit software developers with the opportunity to meet 12 pre-selected and trained web developer apprentices in 6 minute interviews before reviewing if candidates are suitable for the business.

Reserve your place with the link below.


Recruitement, Selection and Pre-Apprenticeship Training

1 Nov
Candidate Applications Open

Vacancy ads placed on the .gov Find-an-Apprenticeship site and promoted through social media.

10 Jan
Candidate Applications Close

Around 150 applications are filtered and graded based on aptitude for self learning and enthusiasm for development.

16 Jan
Selection Day

30 most promising candidates attend a day of interviews, group work and tests.

Pre-Apprenticeship Training

12 best candidates from the selection attend a code 'boot-camp' to learn essential and foundational skills.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Git
  • Wordpress
  • Drupal
'Speed Dating'

An opportunity for potential employers and members of their dev teams to have 5 minute chemistry meetings with all 12 candidates.

Formal Interviews & Placement

Shortlisted candidates follow standard interview procedure with potential employers. Candidates are then matched with employers using the Gale-Shapley stable marriage algorithm

Once placed at a company the real training starts - 15 months of group training and supported independent learning from expert web developers in the technologies, frameworks and skills that matter.

How much does it cost?

The selection process, pre-apprenticeship training and an additional 3 months of supported learning at the end of the training are completely free. We only charge for the 15 months of group training.

Non-Levy Paying Companies (most SMEs)

Training is 90% funded by the government so cost to business is just £110 a month for 15 months.

Levy Paying Companies

Costs for the training is £16,500 per candidate recouped directly through the levy system.


The employer pays the apprentice wages - a typical starting salary is £9-£18k pa (£5-£10 ph) dependant on experience and location.


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