Frequently Asked Questions

The work placement is for 18 months - this covers induction, 15 months of group training followed by 3 months of supported independent learning while the candidate completes knowledge modules and prepares for their End Point Assessment.

Yes, in fact we positively encourage it - especially for organisations with more than 3 or 4 developers. It is more cost effective to have two apprentices as the time taken to manage them actually decreases.

Generally apprentices stay on with their placement team in some cases they move on. We have a large network of organisations and contacts and are on hand to help. No one who has finished the placement is out of work for long.

For SMEs, the training is 90% funded by teh government. The cost to business is £110 pcm for 15 months. As well as the training sessions, this also covers the selection and pre-apprenticeship training as well as support during the final section.

Group training is twice a month, offsite at a central location or remotely via Zoom. Our main centres are below but we will be adding more as we expand regionally.

Most are producing billable work within three months, some from as little as a few weeks. We structure the training to front load a good deal of billable skills but really it depends on your set up, your team and the apprentice themselves.

We can help you with your initial integration and induction plans. We have a good deal of experience from previous years and will be able to help and advise you on things that have worked well in the past for other teams with similar set ups to yours.

We advise an 18 month fixed term contract. This can be your usual employment contract with additional stipulations with regard to the length and should also include amendments to allow for 20% of work time to be dedicated to 'off-the-job' learning and group training.

Of course there are (it’s a government initiative after all) however we provide you with all the paperwork prefilled with all the information we have so in most cases it is just a case of reading, confirming and signing.

On our scheme starting salaries are commonly between £9 and £18k pa dependant on experience and location. Minimum wage for the first year of an apprenticeship is just £3.30 per hour however all of the companies we work with pay at least £5 per hour. Also most companies introduce pay reviews at 3 or 6 months as the apprentice begins to produce more billable work.

Yes, it’s easy to add members of your existing staff to our gov subsidised training too. They will receive the same government support for funding their training as long as they do not already hold an equivalent or higher level qualification in a similar field. For example someone with a Geography degree will be funded but not someone with an HND in web development would likely not. We can however, bring individual cases to the attention of the ESFA for decision.

Of course, and they are welcome to join the initial unfunded boot-camp free of charge. If you would like them to join the bootcamp though we would need to know ahead of time to adjust numbers.