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Help to build the next generation of
Drupal Developers
- and your team

A government funded technical apprenticeship scheme for Drupal development.

12 month programme of industry led, learner focussed training and mentored on-the-job experience.

What do we Do?

We recruit people, often from underrepresented groups and disadvantaged backgrounds, hen train and coach them through an 18 month work placement. They learn all the facets and core skills necessary to succeed from specialist training sessions devised and run by expert web developers and on-the-job mentoring.

Here's Dries talking about the scheme at Drupalcon Dublin last year

How it works

  1. Selection - We find candidates with the correct aptitude and enthusiasm. We screen and test them with a variety of individual and group activities, selecting 12 for the next stage.
  2. Bootcamp - 12 applicants will be invited to a two week Drupal bootcamp to ready them for entering the workplace.
  3. Placement - We train the applicants for two days a month and fully support your business and your team throughout the year.

Costs and Funding

Non-Levy Paying Companies (most SMEs)

Training is 90% funded by the government so cost to business is just £120 a month.

Levy Paying Companies

Costs for the training is £14,400 per candidate recouped directly through the levy system.


As the employer, you would pay the apprentice's salary, minimum by law is just £3.30 per hour but all employers we work with are paying at least £5 ph ~ £9K pa